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Range Rover Sport - 2005-2014 Range Rover L322 - 2006-2009 Discover Mk3 and Mk4 - 2005-2012 KIT TO RECONDITION HITACHI DRYER CAP COMPRESSOR AND BRING IT BACK TO FULL WORKING ORDER *** Air Compressor Air Dryer Lid Cover for Hitachi Pump This solid aluminium state of the art air dryer lid is way past an improvement on the weak brittle original one. **BE GREEN AND SAVE BUYING A NEW PUMP** **BE GREEN SAVE MONEY** **BE GREEN AND GET THE FEEL GOOD OF SAVING YOUR OLD COMPRESSOR** **BE GREEN AND SAVE ON GARAGE FEES** **SIMPLE RE-INSTALLATION WITH NO NEED TO RE-PROGRAM** LR23964KIT FITS LR23964 COMPRESSOR PUMP LR015303 The Complete Range Rover Sport Hitachi Air Suspension Compressor Repair Kit This kit Includes pre cut ready to use tooling parts, piston seals, piston collar, uncompromised correctly vaccum packed automotive desiccant, filter pads, assembly nut and bolt (no need to rivet) dryer bayonet fitting o ring, no old bits of wood, a superb solid aluminium air dryer cover (lid, top hat) with top quality anti corrosion pneumatic fittings and hard copy paper instructions also included. This kit contains all you need to revitalise your Hitachi air compressor and air dryer at the best price possible. IMPORTANT.......... Your Hitachi pump is prone to catastrophic air loss due to cracking of the plastic air dryer housing lid. This renders the pump useless and any repair kit used will not resolve the issue unless you replace the lid. You may be able to see the crack between the two coloured airline connectors on your air dryer lid without it even being pressurised. Once under pressure you will see the crack more clearly and hear the air loss when bench testing your unit. Do not waste money on a new pump. This problem can affect any of the Hitachi pumps but it is a very simple and inexpensive fix to bring it back into operation. Once serviced correctly your compressor should last the lifetime of the vehicle. Other sellers may not mention this but will sell you a kit anyway. See my other Hitachi listings for the air dryer top hat lid cover on its own. REALLY IMPORTANT.......... We strongly advise that you always replace the air dryer cover when reconditioning your Hitachi pump. Our unique solid aluminium state of the art air dryer lid is way past an improvement on the weak original one. This is the real deal, pure quality in every way including the premium quality pneumatic fittings as pictured. THE COVER HAS A REAL LIFETIME OF THE VEHICLE WARRANTY! MADE IN THE UK It also repairs all Discovery 3's, early 4's and later L322 Range Rover Please check your compressor is the same as the ones pictured Hitachi compressor part numbers covered are RQG000017 RQG000018 RQG000019 RQG500040 RQG500060 RQG500061 RQG500062 RQG500070 RQG500071 RQG500072 RQG500080 RQG500090 RYG500160 LR023964 LR010376 LR045251 LR044360 LR015300 LR015303 UUB504700 VUB504700 I may be able to repair your pump for you. Be mindful and watch out for :- Compressor becoming noisy and a longer amount of time for the vehicle to reach it's ride height Refusal for the vehicle to reach it's correct ride height at all EAS Lights on, fault codes - C1A20, C1a1364, C50 and C1A20-64 We advise that this kit be installed as a preventative maintenance measure and find that leaving the compressor to completely degrade in performance over a stretch of time could start to effect the entire unit. Do not purchase a new compressor...over 90% of pumps only require new pneumatic seals and dryer repair. The Internet now has several video posts including many on you tube of how to repair your compressor so do not fear...the age of DIY for Hitachi pumps is here. Any car that has the Hitatchi compressor will be effected. These are commonly found in the following vehicles: Range Rover Sport - 2005-2014 Range Rover L322 - 2006-2009 Discover Mk3 and Mk4 - 2005-2012 COLOUR OF DRYER CAP MAY BE BLACK OR SILVER ANODIZED FINISH Manufacturers numbers used for references purposes only. Stock photo used.

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